National Security

Ensuring our military is prepared
After years of depletion and strain we must rebuild our military in order to be ready for the next conflict. We lead by being strong.

Reducing wasteful foreign aid
I knew soldiers that died in Afghanistan and Iraq that were killed by insurgents who were supported by groups in Iran and Pakistan. We must cut off foreign aid to countries that do not help us combat terrorism, demand that our allies contribute to our common defense, and punish nations that threaten our security.

Securing the border
A nation is defined by it’s borders and America’s first priority should be protecting its citizens. Justice demands that we must focus on common sense measures to keep out the criminal or the hostile.

Economic Security

Support Free and Fair Trade
I support Free and Fair Trade, but only with those countries that play by the rules.

Encourage job creation 
With tax reform completed, we must focus on ensuring the work force is trained for the future and businesses are further incentivized to hire.

Eliminate the harmful effects of Obamacare
Premiums that cost thousands of dollars damage a family’s chance of enjoying the American Dream. We must find a better way.

Responsible Government

Rollback the regulatory state
The administration has reduced the regulatory strain on business. You can see the positives of this process in your retirement account and in GDP growth. We must go further.

Demand accountability from federal agencies
I use the VA for my healthcare so I know the frustrations when dealing with the bureaucracy. Waste and a lack of focus on serving the citizenry can no longer be the acceptable status quo.

Reduce the size of the federal payroll
President Trump has already begun reducing the workforce in Washington with a much needed hiring freeze. Has your life changed one iota? Non-essential personnel must go.

The greatest domestic threat to our generation’s prosperity is a ballooning national debt.

Economic Growth

Economic and population growth in Ohio over the next decade will be focused in Delaware County and the surrounding areas of the 12th Congressional District. We must find solutions for the consistent traffic issues on I-71 and I-270. I support adding at least one exit north of Polaris on I-71, and I will look for any opportunity to partner with local leaders to find creative solutions to the problems surrounding growth.

Protecting the Unborn

I believe that we must protect the sanctity of life and the rights of the unborn. Life begins at conception.

Religious Freedom

Religious freedom is a cornerstone of what makes the United States the greatest country in the world. There is no doubt that the faith of the founding fathers helped create the oldest democracy remaining in the world. We must continue that tradition and frame our decisions with respect for religion in mind.